Sunday, August 11, 2013

FIRST Book Signing!!!

This Tuesday is another momentous occasion! I haven't been able to blog about my many adventures since June due to my move in home location (see my fb page for futher details :D) but tonight, I will do my best to get you all up to date!

My book launch was quite the success! I had about 30 attend, and I've sold about 40 books, so far! It was such a pleasant surprise to see some of the older folks in my church come and show their excitement and support of this project, despite the fact that the subject matter may not matter much to them. And to my surprise, one lady in particular came and told me how she wasn't quite sure she would like it, but couldn't put it down after the 7th chapter! Now, I know that as a writer in this world, I need to pull people in much quicker than the 7th chapter..... but that really meant so much to me!

Now, I'm preparing for my first EVER BOOK SIGNING!! I have two more planned, one for September at the Garden Gate Teahouse and the other in November at the Warsaw Community Library... and actually, the one planned in Warsaw, I'm just speaking at their Writer's Club! I feel so honored! I'm wanting to go to the Rossville Library to see if they'll host me in October sometime.

That's all I can do for tonight! So much planning to do! I'm trying to work on Book 1, but between college and life... yeah....

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  1. Wow, that sounds so exiting for you as a writer! :)