Thursday, January 26, 2012

Until I Was Found By Love

Here's a poem I wrote for last semester's Creative Writing class... I'm posting it here so that I can add this URL to someone else's sight to help them out with something... so if you're not interested- don't read it! =P

p.s. It's in blank verse- sorry =P

Until I Was Found By Love

My name may be frothy
Full of feathers and frost it would seem
But I think it necessary to explain
That my name has not always been like me.

Described as a violent miss,
I loved the smell of blood mixed with mud
The gore of war I wanted
With the hard flesh and bone in my hand

People said that I was at the least heartless
Since I pitied no beast or man
The stain of pain is what I gave
And gained pleasure from groaning lips

“Stingy” they called me
Because I gave only to myself the things
Which I most cared about
Leaving those wanting to the waves of care

They also called me cruel
In a new sort of way
For neither child no wild adulteress
Was favored in my eyes

But I, myself, was naught but myself
In my manner and I showed it with pride and dignity.
My scarlet mark was stark and sure
And I displayed it to those I crushed.

That is, until I was found by Love.

He dared to care about my wanton
Desire to make people weep and bleed
My need was never so clear
As when He found me and helped me see

Dreadful, I was, and knew nothing of the love Love gave
He took my bloody mind
He washed it clean
And my sinful heart He saved

My heart then grew blithe like it was
Alive for the very first time
My heart dead like molten lead was no more
And I could start over again!

Now let me tell you the secret
(It really is a secret to tell)
That God is Love, and Love never fails
And a failure I was to the very core

My name is Melissa Kiss- a frothy name
And I was the worst of women to ever
Be found in all of this bloody world
Hopeless and helpless, I was dead in my sin

That is, until I was found by Love.