Saturday, September 24, 2011

Stories and Tales- All Fiction

So, I'm still in this English 202 class at Ivy Tech, right? So, every time I go into that class, I am so elated! I'm doing so terribly in my other three classes that it is a relief to know that there is something that I can do right. I love the teacher- I actually finish some of his sentences, and I hope that doesn't bother him- but the content is awesome! I've written several fiction pieces, which will be collected into a portfolio I'll make up at the end of the year. I'll probably add it to the portfolio I already have collected of my short works that I've done for my previous classes. It's so amazing to look back over the years and see how much you've learned, grown, succeeded in, and failed at. I can't wait to add what I've written!

The things I've written in this class are by far and away the most different I have written. I feel inspired to write differently, to stretch my view beyond fiction and fantasy. The first short piece I posted was a chapter from a book that I've already written, so that was no challenge at all. However, since then, I've written short pieces on a couple people being on the moon, a girl with a nose like a banana, and a homeless person who was given a man's last dollar bill in the form of a eulogy.... kind of.... That's the thing, my teacher says, "you have to write such-and-such about such-and-such," but he's very flexible with how we write it and what we write about. It's awesome! It opens a WORLD of possibilities. The last assignment (which I didn't do because I didn't have to and I didn't have the time) we were supposed to write a short story about a blind person and there was a inanimate body in the room. One person wrote about an elderly, blind man whose guide dog died, another person about a psycho-dillusional person who gouged out their own eyes with a pin and murdered their father.... I'm telling you, the possibilities with this one were endless.

Other things we do in the class are read short stories by professionals and write responses to them. For instance, we read Franz Kafka's Metamorphosis. Wow. I had never read it before, and since the paper I printed it off on already had stuff printed on it, it was difficult to read. But trust me, I managed. The story was so totally engrossing that I couldn't help but cock my head, squint my eyes and hold the page closer to my nose just to be able to read it. After that, I wrote my response. So far, I think my teacher has liked my replies. He's at least given me full credit for the assignments, so that's something. But in all of his replies to my responses, he's given some positive feedback, so I'm excited.

In other news, the first draft of my book is getting closer and closer to completion! One of my editors finished with it a few weeks ago, and my Mother wanted to read it again, so that's where it is right now. I want my brother to read it, but sooner or later, I'll need to send it to my primary editor. His notes won't be so detailed as last time (which I totally understand), but I need to get it to him asap. At the same time, this is all still too freaky to be real.

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Okay! So, I've been in the English 202 class for a couple weeks now and, although some of the stories are pretty bad, I've really enjoyed learning how to write better in the sense of grammar, mechanics, style, form, and all the wonderful facets of creative writing! My teacher, Christopher Roberts, is hilarious! He likes poetry more than fiction, but goes both ways. He has a funny way of swearing and the hardest time finding the right word to express what he's trying to say. I catch myself finishing his sentences when he trails off into thought of the right word. I hope I'm not being annoying =P I do try to restrain myself more.

As for the class itself, I was thrilled when he pointed out that I did something right! It may be a small thing, but I'm so glad that God is shaping my writing and I'm actually improving! In one of my peer responses to someone's paper, I mentioned the concept of "Show, don't Tell," which my editor explained to me. He pointed this out in class, then elaborated on what that concept looks like in action. I'm so excited!

As for the writing itself, I hope to post my latest writing assignment here. It's an excellent time of fun! I didn't think I would have time to write it completely and turn it in by the deadline, and low and behold, I had it finished and submitted in an hour. And it is one of my favorite pieces yet!

So over all, this class has fulfilled my expectations of an enjoyable english class! I'm so thrilled!