Monday, August 6, 2012

The Big Announcement

Here it is! The moment I've been waiting for for almost 8 years!!!! I'm writing tonight to announce that I have officially submitted my manuscript to be self-published! I had to write an auto-biography, summary, two-sentence description, describe what I want the front cover to look like, and submit a small portion to be posted on a web site that I will apparently have! :) I've been told several times by several people that I should never pay money to have my work published... but what if my work isn't worth ACTUALLY publishing??? I think I'd rather have a general reaction from an audience to tell me that than the stern, critical eye of a real life publisher. So here's my chance! I'm praising God for this amazing opportunity to see what I've written in a hard binding with a front cover and a dust jacket, so I can turn the pages and smell them! I'll see how this goes. If it goes well, who knows? If God wills, maybe I'll try a real publisher the second round. :) I still have some loop holes to work through, but I'm praying that everything will work out. Please pray that I'll keep God's will my focus. Thanks, everyone, for holding on while I've posted my progress and fallen short of posting. :( I'll keep you updated on futre progressions!

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